Today’s tip for senior living marketing: Don’t hide your pricing from your website, you’re just leaving the cost discussion to referral companies.

One of the most prevalent myths in senior living marketing is that you can control the conversation around pricing.

All too often, communities keep pricing off of their website under the pretense that if they force people to call to get pricing, they can control the conversation around pricing.

1. If you don’t provide pricing, people will search for pricing and go to places that say they offer pricing information and choose to give their contact information to them, instead.

2. Those people who are looking for pricing? They want to move into your community. They already have a positive view of your community and are engaged leads. They’re specifically looking for your pricing information as a final decision to choose your community. But they’ll sign up on a referral site rather than your own, and you’re now paying for a lead you should have already earned.

The Quick and Simple Way to Estimate the % of People Getting Pricing From You vs Referrals

Step 1: Go to Google Search Console and see how many searches (impressions) and how many people chose your site in that search (clicks) for questions about the cost of your retirement community.

Step 2: Divide it out to find out the percentage of people getting pricing information from you vs popular directories.

Step 3: Search those terms and see who is showing up on top. You’ll see, APFM,, and others giving estimates of your costs.

What This Looks Like

I recently did this for a client, and only 25% of people searching cost questions about their community came to their site, instead, two referral directories ranked high for the question and were giving incorrect estimates on costs.

That’s right, 75% of the people interested in moving into their community were visiting other websites to make a final decision about cost and moving in.

Don’t hide your pricing!